Packaging industry

  • Luftbefugtning Eballageindustri
  • Luftbefugtning Eballageindustri
  • Luftbefugtning Eballageindustri

Packaging industry 

The Packaging Industry is undergoing constant evolution.  Many processes are done on high-speed pressing machines. In the Packing Industry, we experience a constant growth in demands from the customer.  This challenges the Packing Industry to optimize in new ways.

Why a Pro-Air Humidifier?

-Maintains humidity in the paper and carton throughout the year
-The paper and carton stays straight and obtains better tensile strength
-Reduces halts in the printing process
-Improves speed in the pressing process
-Improves press quality
-Reduced ink expense
-Reduces static electricity
-Cools the production area during hot periods
-Reduces odor
-Reduces dust problems
-Improves work environment and reduces sick leave
-Minimal operating costs

The Pro-Air Safecool controller manages the system in a way, so water will not end up on the machinery or goods.
Please also see the sheet about the HumidificationZones here

Humidification modules:

  1. Pro-Air nozzle unit
  2. MediumHumidifier
  3. MaxiHumidifier

Please call us or send an email and we will forward you a non-binding offer for a Pro-Air Humidifier system.