Humidification areas

  • Befugtningsområder
  • befugtningsområder
  • Befugtningsområder
  • Befugtningsområder

Humidification areas

In many industries it is necessary to maintain a specific humidity to satisfy production needs and/or to improve the work environment.
There are significant advantages as well as good economy, in several industries, when utilizing Pro-Air® air humidifiers.
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Printing and graphic industry
Wood industry
Plastics industry
Packaging industry
Electronics industry
Waste and recycling industry
Other industry

The Pro-Air Safecool controller manages the system in a way, so water will not end up on the machinery or goods.
Please also see the sheet about the HumidificationZones here

Humidification modules:

  1. Pro-Air nozzle unit
  2. MediumHumidifier
  3. MaxiHumidifier