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There are significant advantages and sound economic reasons to use Pro – Air® high-pressure humidification. If you find your business can benefit from just one of the following arguments, do not hesitate to contact us.  Together, we can find the best solution.

Why a Pro-Air Humidifier?

-Reduces static electricity
-Reduces airborne dust
-Minimizes/neutralizes toxic fumes
-Cools the production area during hot periods
-Reduces halts/damages in the production machinery
-Reduces power expense
-Cools the production area during hot periods
-Reduces odor
-Reduces dust problems
-Improves work environment and reduces sick leave
-Minimal operating costs

The Pro-Air Safecool controller manages the system in a way, so water will not end up on the machinery or goods.
Please also see the sheet about the HumidificationZones here

Humidification modules:

  1. Pro-Air nozzle unit
  2. MediumHumidifier
  3. MaxiHumidifier

Please call us or send an email and we will forward you a non-binding offer for a Pro-Air Humidifier system.